Essential oils


Tonight, I had the exciting opportunity to be in on a one on one (or would that be two?) presentation regarding one of my new passions, essential oils. I am excited I was able to get to know one of my sponsors better, as well as a new associate in the realm of oils!
In my family, if we had an ache or pain, we either toughed it out or took a pain reliever pill…or two… In recent years, I have been wondering if there wasn’t more. My belief that God created our bodies to be awesome and able to heal itself naturally and using natural products led me to essential oils. I am amazed at the research out there!
More about that later. Exciting night!


Here we go!


So for some reason, I have decided to start a blog. Partly to keep track of my own thoughts, partly to get a bit of accountability ‘out there’. I do not claim to be an expert on anything but ‘me’, and even then I’m not so sure.

I am in pursuit of several things…

First off, God. I know He has pursued me first. I have studied doctrines and such. I am a born-again believer that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Most High God, the one who made the earth and all that is in it. That God the Father sent His Son to earth as a baby, where He lived, and died an awful death on a Roman cross. That death was in payment for my sin-wrong things I have done. That sacrifice was sufficient, the payment was made in full, as evidenced by Jesus’ resurrection the third day, which we celebrate as Resurrection Sunday, or Easter. I accept His payment on my behalf, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when I leave this life, I will be with Him in heaven. I also know that He is in the process of making us more like Himself, and I am in process, working out my salvation.

Second, health. I am really trying to make sure it is not what I dwell on constantly, like diets can become. My family has been ‘Paleo’ since around last February, and that change has made a tremendous difference in our lives. (My husband would say, Bacon!!) Previous to this change, I was eating about 80% vegetarian. I had been eating that way for several years, for health reasons. I came to realize what I was hoping for in health I was far from achieving.

I also appreciate natural options in regards to health, and am learning about essential oils. I am a representative for one of the best companies, as I appreciate their pursuit of ‘the best’.

I am a fan of combined chiropractic care, massage therapy, and physical training. I have been working with Integrated Spinal Solutions, and am loving the results. They are helping me change this body back to what I believe God intended its functioning ability to be. Dave and I have been following our results with Specialty Health clinic, and are excited to see our Paleo changes especially are paying off.

Third, peace. As a married mom of three, that word conjures up many definitions in my mind. I love a peaceful cup of tea, especially at a tea party with friends. I teach preschool, band, and am a co-director of our church’s children’s musical group, Joyful Noise. To me, all these things wrap together. I love to learn, and tend to teach others what I am passionate about.